About me

My best job was working in ABC radio,my most important working for a Deputy Prime Minister, and the hardest was running a patisserie and making macarons and cakes for 12 hours a day. In my career I have tackled everything from working with stroke victims, running AIDS campaigns, being in charge of media liaison at CSIRO, and now working in my boutique PR company, Blake and Chalkley, which my friends say sounds more like a detective agency. I started writing fiction in 2015, including crime fiction, and my character Tamsin Gooch is also the star of a novel, Dead Man Singing  set in London, now completed and being pitched to publishers. I have always loved cooking and now make my own sourdough bread, shop at the Canberra and Region Farmers Market every week and am keen on slow food. I used to run a stall at the Farmers Market so I know from tough experience what hard work it is and I like to support the market.